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Over the past few years, the phenomenon of online gambling has become one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet, with a turnover of up to one hundred billion crowns. Whether you want to gamble or play other online games, all you have to do is choose from a wide range of online casinos and the game that suits you best. For those who are new to online gambling, we have taken the liberty of preparing some useful tips.

Book of Dead

RTP 96.21% | Min Bet $0.10 (AU) | Max Bet $100 (AU) | High volatility | Play’n GO

Book of Dead
Mega Moolah

RTP 94% | Min Bet $0.25 (AU) | Max Bet $6.25 (AU) | Low volatility | Microgaming

Mega Moolah
Gonzo’s Quest

RTP 95,97% | Min Bet $0.20 (AU) | Max Bet $50 (AU) | Medium volatility | NetEnt

Gonzo’s Quest

RTP 96.09% | Min Bet $0.10 (AU) | Max Bet $100 (AU) | Medium volatility | NetEnt

Buffalo Gold

RTP 96% | Min Bet $0.20 (AU) | Max Bet $40 (AU) | High volatility | iSoftBet

Buffalo Gold
Rocket Play


You must have an internet connection to play online casino. Then you have two options:

  • Download the gaming software to your computer.
  • Connect directly to the casino server (using flash or Java).

A more convenient way is to download the software directly to your computer, it's RocketPlay play free and only takes a few minutes. If your disk space is limited, some casinos offer so-called lite versions that require minimal space. Although online gambling has long been no danger to your computer, it is worth keeping this in mind. Good antivirus protection never hurts.

Before starting to play "live" for a beginner, it is better to try the selected online game for free. This will give you the security you need and avoid the potential risk of losing money due to ignorance.

The transfer of money from one entity to another is also important, it may vary, but this will not affect the amount of your account.

Playing for free will definitely not keep you entertained forever. Having gained the necessary knowledge from free online games, you will definitely want to play for real money. To do this, you will need your own account. When creating, you will provide basic information such as name, address, email address, login, password, or allow you to upload your own icon or portrait. The login and badge will be what will represent you among other online gambling players.
The penultimate step to gambling online is the transfer of money. If you have experience of online shopping, nothing will surprise you, everything is the same. You usually have the option of paying with a credit card, debit card, or online wallet, for example. Paypal, Neteller, Firepay, etc. Don't forget to pay close attention to your first deposit. Keep in mind that online gambling can be several times faster than in a land-based casino. For example, you can win up to ten times as many blackjack rounds.
If you have your own casino RocketPlay Australia account, it is possible to compare individual rounds of games that you have already played. You can see in detail all the layouts and the course of the game, for example, in poker. You will have a completely accurate overview of your deposits, balances and results in all the games you play. If you come across a casino that does not provide this, it cannot be recommended.
If you wish to withdraw your winnings or deposit balance from your account, the money will be paid out to you in the same way as it was credited to your account. Serious casinos pay out the required money on the same day. These transfers are generally not subject to any additional fees such as a transaction fee.


Like most beginners, you will certainly be interested in privacy and cash flow. It's the same with online casinos as it is with online banking. The largest and most famous casinos use the same security software as banks, so you don't have to worry about the misuse of this data. The most important thing before registering and transferring money is to find out if the casino of your choice is suitable. You can find this important information on the Sports Book Review (SportsBookReview.com), an independent rating agency RocketPlay site that lists internationally verified safe online casinos.

Rocket Play 2
Rocket Play 3


You have several options for depositing money into your casino account. The easiest way is to transfer money from account to account. If you have internet banking, all you have to do is enter the amount, the recipient's current account and the money can be easily transferred. Internet banking is now the standard for most accounts and allows you to conveniently and securely perform almost all banking transactions from the comfort of your home.

It usually takes 2-3 days. Commissions for transfers are standard, as well as for other transfers, each bank has its own. Unfortunately, the transfer is not so easy if the casino is foreign. To transfer to a foreign account, an IBAN is required, which is an international bank account number. Unfortunately, not every bank is included in this system. Shipping charges to international accounts can vary and be high. In this case, it is better to use one of the other transfer options, such as a credit card or your favorite online wallet. Every online casino has more options than just depositing money.

Another already mentioned method is payment by credit card. Most casinos offer an embossed credit or debit card. The advantage of this transfer is speed, the money is in your online account almost immediately. The downside is that some credit cards may not support credit card payments and you must request this authorization. Another disadvantage is the transfer fee. Individual casinos charge this commission on their own, usually a few percent of the deposit. Then all you have to do is enter the required details such as card number, expiry date and the three-digit CVV2/CVC2 code on the back of the card, as well as personal details. For this reason, it is best to first determine the reliability of the company and thus avoid the potential risk of abuse.


A mobile online casino is a modified version of a regular gambling official site RocketPlay. In terms of capabilities, it is no different from its desktop counterpart. It can be played mainly through a portable device: smartphone, tablet or iPad. Mobile casino Slovenské is loaded using gadgets, while the regular version is designed for a personal computer. Its features include adaptation to screens of various formats, ease of use and high download speed when connected to broadband internet. Thanks to the mobile version, it is convenient to use the online casino. You can be at home, in the office, in the car, travel and play slot machines, play your favorite card games, deposit or withdraw money.

The creation of an adaptive version of the RocketPlay online casino was supported by HTML5 technology. Based on it, the owners of Internet games have developed software and applications. To use such an online casino, no experience of playing mobile casino games is required: an adaptive version is available to understand new players.

Rocket Play 4
Rocket Play 5


The main approach to a mobile casino is to play RocketPlay as easy and smooth as possible. Mobile casino operators offer instant play as well as access to the browser of choice from a handheld device or download of the relevant mobile casino applications, which have gained immense popularity in recent years. Pocket PC, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users currently prefer to play through mobile casino applications. They are more convenient and provide faster access to the casino.

The gambling site RocketPlay for iOS and Android works among a large number of casino applications. Both have the largest market share and as such, almost all software developers turn to them when creating a mobile casino app for their website.

Thanks to the huge rise in popularity of iPhone and Android smartphones, almost all famous online casinos have made a breakthrough in their business by updating their mobile applications with the function of accepting and receiving funds. This is really great news for players who prefer not to move away from gambling, because now even those who prefer to use the mobile casino application can play for RocketPlay for real money.