Live casino games offer the excitement of a physical casino environment and combine that with the convenience of online gambling. A live casino game show works in a similar way, but it’s a completely different proposition for gamers.

RocketPlay game show levels of convenience and ease of access remain high. However, the excitement builds even more. By replicating the thrill of live streaming games, these casino products make the players themselves the stars of the show.

Best Game RocketPlay Casino

How live casino game shows work

RocketPlay game shows Australia spins, throws, and other actions are performed by a professional and highly skilled host. Just like on television, a casino game show host keeps the game running and keeps players happy, engaged and excited.

From a player’s perspective, they just need an Internet connection and a device with Internet access. The customer logs into their casino account and selects their chosen game just like any other product. From this account, the player can connect to RocketPlay best game shows that mimic the thrill of live gaming.

Best live game shows

RocketPlay free online game shows offer players several options, although some games are more popular than others. The following sections of this guide take a closer look at some of these more popular options. However, this section will simply provide a brief overview of some of these top live game shows. Some of the RocketPlay popular game shows include:

  • Evolution Gaming’s Live Monopoly.
  • Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming
  • Mega Ball by Evolution Gaming
  • Dreamcatcher by Evolution Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming’s deal or no deal
  • Evolution Gaming’s live soccer studio
  • Evolution Gaming’s money or collapse
  • Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming
  • Mega Wheel from Pragmatic Play
  • Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland
  • Money Drop by Playtech Live
  • Who wants to be a millionaire from Playtech?
  • Buffalo Blitz from Playtech
  • Ezugi Keno
  • Ezugi’s Betting on the Numbers.

While the above list is dominated by games from Evolution Gaming, the live casino market is diverse and varied. There are many options for players who want to try games from different developers and software providers. It can be a good idea for players to experiment with different software companies to find the best.

The most popular live dealer games

Players can enjoy RocketPlay game shows online for money, and this variety is an important factor in the popularity of this type of game. But what are the most popular live dealer games?

The best live games provide an exciting experience for players. While individual players have many ways to determine which games suit them best, reviewing the most popular games offers a helpful introduction to live game shows. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular games from around the world.

Best Game RocketPlay Casino 2

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is offered by Pragmatic Play, a provider and studio of live game software. The studio’s host spins a wheel consisting of 54 numbered segments. Players must make simple but exciting predictions about how the wheel will spin and what number will be displayed when the spin is complete.

So far, Mega Wheel sounds almost like live roulette. While this is true – the basic elements of the two games are the same – there are many other features that players can use to increase their bets and add extra excitement.

Live Deal or No Deal

Live Deal or No Deal follows the gameplay of a popular TV show. Players choose a box and then exclude other boxes from the game as they progress through the game. At certain points, they will be offered a deal – essentially an opportunity to cash out.

If players can get rid of the crates with the highest value in the game, the risk to the casino grows with the cash-out deal offered. On the other hand, if the lower-value boxes are removed early on, the cash-out deal is lower. Careful decision-making is required in this game.

Live Monopoly

Monopoly is a tried and tested board game that has been a family favorite for generations. The show version of Monopoly in a live casino brings even more excitement and enjoyment. Players can enjoy the game they’ve grown accustomed to over the years in a new setting.

The gameplay of live Monopoly is a bit different from the table games. Instead of wading through the board, buying property and avoiding the property of others, the player’s fate is determined by the spinning of the wheel. This makes Live Monopoly similar to other wheeled games, but uses many of the concepts familiar to experienced Monopoly players.

Mad Time

Mad Time is the next generation of another of Evolution Gaming’s popular products, Dream Catcher. Players place bets on different segments of the wheel under the supervision of a professional host. The host spins the wheel, and bets are won and lost on that spin.

A number of different bonus games add to the difficulty and interest of players. These additional side games include Pachinko, Coin Flip, Cash Hunt and the title game Crazy Time. Despite the variability and dynamism added by the four extra games, Crazy Time is still easy for players to master, with a gentle and friendly learning curve.

Best Game RocketPlay Casino 3

Live Mega Ball

Mega Ball – play game shows online RocketPlay by Evolution Gaming. When playing this game, customers work with 51 numbered balls, delivered in a format familiar to lottery players. The gameplay progresses quickly, adding excitement and intrigue while remaining relatively user-friendly and easy for players to learn.

To access these numbered balls, players buy different cards worth up to 200 per game round. Matching the cards to the balls as they are drawn creates an exciting atmosphere. A number of different value multipliers further enhance this excitement.

Live Game shows games with the highest betting limits
Players should be aware of betting limits when choosing a live casino game. Here are the betting parameters to look out for:

  • Maximum wager – the maximum possible wager per game.
  • Minimum wager – the lowest possible wager to access the game.
  • Maximum Multiplier – the limit on the multipliers that can be used during the game.
  • Maximum Total Win – A limit on the amount of winnings received at the table.
  • Maximum Withdrawal – The largest amount of money that can be withdrawn from the player’s account.
  • Minimum Withdrawal – The minimum amount of money that can be withdrawn from the casino account.