Rocket play Loyalty program

Customer loyalty is a very important indicator for a casino. A loyal player will return to the institution again, will not be afraid to use promotions and use real money for their entertainment. Therefore, there are special systems designed to increase this indicator at the institution. This is how the loyalty program Rocket Play appeared, which can be considered quite simple, but at the same time very profitable for customers.

Learn more about how it works. Believe, in order to receive the bonuses provided in this program, you will not need to do anything special. Although at first glance, if you do not know the details, this may seem somewhat confusing.


What Is a Casino Loyalty Bonus?

If a person more than once shows his commitment to one or another gambling club, he is rewarded. The prize given out as a thank you for your persistence is the loyalty bonus. It can be money, free spins of reels in slots, discounts and other offers.

Rocket Play online casino loyalty program uses real money as a reward. Only they are issued not just like that, but in the form of cashback.

What are the advantages of this format:

  • in fact, you lose less money than you lose;
  • psychologically it becomes easier to play, as part of the loss will return;
  • there is a constant small income in the form of a return that can be reused for the game.

Cashback is a really cool feature. Gambling will become even more enjoyable. Such entertainment is not always profitable. There are black bars when luck does not accompany the player, and this is frustrating. And when some money is returned, the gambler calms down and gets a boost of motivation for further entertainment.

How Do Loyalty Bonuses Work?

Let’s imagine that you are a casino customer. You have your own account and you have funded it in order to be able to play. You enter the game, for example, slots, and place a bet there. The amount of this bet is saved, and when you place the next bet, they are summed up. This continues until 30 AUD is collected. It is this amount that is converted into one CompPoints (CP).

These points are indicators of your loyalty. The more of them, the higher your level in the system. Accordingly, this is how the casino understands that you have been playing for a long time, spending your money on its website and trying different entertainments.


The more points you have, the higher the cashback percentage will be. The maximum size is 15%.

By the way, in the loyalty program casino Rocket Play Australia, cashback is divided into two types:

  • for losses in slots;
  • for losing in live games.

The first comes on Mondays, the second on Thursdays. So it turns out that during the week the funds are returned to you twice. Of course, if you play both slots and live casino.

Loyalty bonus


Loyalty gifts are given to all users. You don’t have to wait long for all the benefits to become available to you. You can track the number of points and the amount of cashback in your personal account.

If you are a loyal client of the gambling house, you will be able to feel all the benefits of the best casino loyalty program Rocket Play. This is not only financially beneficial, but also makes you a very special member of the casino community.

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