The fact that RocketPlay online roulette – an exciting and interesting game, everyone knows. That is why many users are eager to try their hand, choosing a similar slot machines. Not without reason in ancient times, roulette was called the queen of gambling. With this wonderful entertainment was connected a lot of beliefs – including mystical. The main attraction of the game is that the outcome of each session is unpredictable. It is impossible to predict where the ball running on the black and red wheel will stop. RocketPlay online roulette real money, acting on a random number generator, colorfully recreates the atmosphere of the real games, which is governed only by Her Majesty Lady Luck. Supposedly, the risky entertainment has French roots. However, the popularity of the game is so great that residents of various countries choose slot roulette, thanks to the fact that they are high-quality emulators of popular entertainment. The online casino RocketPlay has a large number of types of roulette, try them all and choose the best one for yourself.

Roulette RocketPlay Casino

How to start playing at the virtual roulette table?

The user should know that there are demo versions of the popular entertainment – this allows you to activate the machine for free. The advantage of running slot machines for free is that their choice allows you to learn the right attitude towards risky entertainment, while mastering the classic algorithms of the game. In order to successfully play RocketPlay online roulette Australia, should have a sober critical thinking and a certain amount of equanimity. It is also important to understand the rules of a particular slot machine, given that the different modifications of roulette have their own nuances. Again, as in the case of video poker, you will not find a European Roulette or, for example, an American roulette table with a live dealer produced by Novomatic (slot machines Gaminator), as well as the production of simulators for table games and not involved and loved by all players in the former Soviet Union producer of slot machines Igrosoft.

Types of roulette and its features

It is known that this game has many variations: American, French, New Orleans, European roulette, etc. Experienced users advise to play online roulette RocketPlay – they have a high rate of return. The chances of the user to win increases due to an interesting nuance – there is no double zero symbol on the wheel, which is typical for the American version.

It is noteworthy that some roulettes have only standard bets, while others also have oral bets. The second option is more suitable for power users who want to diversify the gameplay as much as possible. Check out RocketPlay online roulette tips.

Design online roulette emulator

The appearance of slot machines in the real features of this game. User will see it familiar wheel, divided into sectors, a ball, a field for betting and chips. User novice should definitely learn RocketPlay online roulette rules. There detailed description of the options and features of each bet, as well as payouts if you win. Modern computer technology allows the gaming process on these machines can be voiced by a virtual dealer tips. A feature of slot roulette machines is a wide range of possible bets. There are bets on even / odd, black / red, rows and columns, a certain number. The greatest profit is brought by bets on the number or zero, only such luck falls out rarely. The maximum win on the slot machines is x36. It is preceded by a correct choice of a particular number, which stopped the ball.

The game of roulette online is often present in the plots of popular movies. Modern providers have diversified the game, creating sometimes unique machines with slightly different rules. It’s just a matter of choosing the right option and set up for success!

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Roulette: FAQ

What kind of roulette does RocketPlay offer?

Online casino RocketPlay offers the following types of roulette: American, European, immersive, American and European roulette with live dealers (from Ezugi and Evolution Gaming), as well as the so-called Russian roulette – roulette with one zero and a Russian-speaking girl dealer.

Can I play at the roulette table for free?

Yes, Tom Horn roulette has free roulette RocketPlay. Roulette (like all live dealer games) requires registration and real or bonus funds in your account.

What is roulette?

Roulette translates from French as “small wheel”. This spinning wheel holds 36 digits and 0 (zero, or even double zero in the Americanized version of the game). The roulette table is divided into these sections: numeric 1-12, 2-12, 3-12, 1-18, 19-36, blocks all even, all odd, all black, all red.

How to make bets at the roulette table?

We will list the bets according to their type. Internal bets (on the internal, digital markup of the roulette table): for 1 number – multiplier 35, for 2 numbers – 17, for 3 numbers – 11, for 4 numbers – 8, for 5 numbers – 5, in the American version there are additionally bets for two zeros (0, 00) – multiplier 17 and a bet for 5 numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) with multiplier 6. Outside bets (according to the circle of the digital marking of the roulette table): red or black – multiplier 1, even or odd – 1, bet on the column (as well as dozen, 12 numbers) – 2.

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Which is better roulette – American or European?

The choice of roulette depends solely on your preferences and experience. However, mathematics says that American roulette, thanks to double zero, gives the casino an advantage over European roulette – 5.6% of the initial probability of winning the casino at a table with two zeros against 2.7% for European roulette.

Can I use the Martingale strategy (and others) when playing roulette at RocketPlay?

Don’t be fooled. In the game at the roulette table there is no strategy – the whole game is just a series of good and not so good draws. Mathematical systems, which are based on constantly increasing the bets do not give you any advantage over the casino, and RocketPlay roulette strategy with calculation of the next number are absurd in their essence. The only thing you need at the roulette table is luck!