The fact that children’s fairy tales become the inspiration for gambling developers is a normal practice. After all, fairy-tale images are known and familiar to everyone from a very young age. So the Wizard of Oz slot will be able to transfer the player to a fictional world where you can not only have fun and escape from reality but also earn extra money.

Wizard of Oz: Is It Profitable to Play for Money?

Is it real to earn money in the Wizard of Oz game? After studying this slot, you can confidently answer – yes! There are many functions for this:

  • several bonus rounds;
  • respins for the loss of certain symbols;
  • feature 5 free spins in a row;
  • random bet multipliers;
  • jackpot.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to invest real money in this slot. But a large number of different functions can confuse the player. So the best way to try Wizard of Oz play is in demo mode, which is always available for Australian players.

Wizard of Oz logo

Game Details & Features

Let’s start with the external characteristics of this online one-armed bandit. Made from in the thematic style and is fully consistent with the fairy tale story. The background shows us the emerald city and characters and objects from a fairy tale act as symbols. For example:

  • girl Dorothy;
  • iron Man;
  • scarecrow;
  • lion man;
  • witch;
  • wizard;
  • fairy Glinda;
  • dog Toto;
  • image of the main characters of “Friends”;
  • different objects: a basket, a lollipop, an apple, an hourglass.

The developer did not include typical casino images here, which is why Wizard of Oz online stands out from the rest.

The musical accompaniment is unobtrusive. The sound is turned on only during the rotation of the reels and the formation of combinations.

Key features important for gamblers:

  • Scatter symbol – yes, several;
  • multipliers – yes;
  • jackpot symbol – yes;
  • automatic game – yes;
  • game with bonuses – yes;
  • Wild symbol (replaces others) – yes;
  • free spins (respins and in a separate round) – yes.

Thanks to this, the gameplay is varied and interesting. Winnings come up quite often. They are small, but in general, you can count on a gradual increase in your bankroll. The higher your bet, the bigger the prize will be.

Technical indicators of Wizard of Oz Australia are average. The RTP here is 95.99%, which is the average for the market. Volatility is slightly below average. This is neither good nor bad, and you just need to know that the machine will not give you a big win right away. This slot is more suitable for long-term play.

wizard of oz slot

Drawing conclusions about the slot Wizard of Oz

This game was released in 2011 and perfectly conveyed the atmosphere of the old movie. The appearance is made in a retro style, which may seem outdated. But, according to the idea of ​​the WMS developer, this should hint to the player about the movie, which was released in 1939. The animation and sound effects also carry over to that time, so despite the low quality of the graphics, it is fully justified.

According to technical indicators, this slot is average. There are many cool features that allow you to earn money. But the RTP percentage is low, and this shows that the game will not give big wins often. It’s good for the long term.

Gamblers unfamiliar with it are advised to try Wizard of Oz free slot machines. In general, we can praise the developer for an interesting idea. There are really few such slots, so they always stand out favorably from the rest.

Popular New Player Questions

Is it possible to adjust the number of pay lines in this slot?

The Wizard of Oz has 30 pay lines that are automatically activated when you start the game. But this amount can be changed in the settings that open under the button to launch the reels.

What are the max and min bet sizes in this slot?

On one line, you can set a bet in the amount of 0.01 to 2. So it turns out that in money, the maximum bet will be 60 (30 lines, 2 coins from the balance for each).

How does Wizard of Oz open the bonus round?

To do this, you need to land a special symbol on one of the reels. These include the main characters of the tale: Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Iron Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Witch, the Wizard, and the Magic Ball. When they land on the field, a new animation is triggered, and the player can enjoy the bonus game, which is provided by the rules.

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