Online casino bonuses

The RocketPlay registration bonus has long been one of the main promotional tools of all online casinos. For a while, brands competed to see who would offer the most to new players, until the amount and structure of bonuses stabilized at the current level. Today, you can choose from a wide range of bonuses at casino, not only when you RocketPlay casino signup bonus, but also later on from various loyalty bonuses.

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Casino bonuses for new players

  • No deposit bonus

RocketPlay casino no deposit bonus bonuses can only be found at some casinos. Just register or download the app and get a bonus. You do not need to make a deposit at the casino. Of course, these bonuses are not high. They are intended for those who need to try the casino game. Simply put, you play for real casino money for real winnings.

  • Welcome Bonus

RocketPlay Welcome Bonus require the player to make their first deposit at the casino. Based on it, the casino will add a bonus to your deposit in accordance with their current bonus conditions. You can play much more.

Casino bonuses for regular customers

    • Regular weekly or monthly bonuses

    Nothing ends with registration. Additional regular bonuses are waiting for you while playing at the casino. Some casinos reward their players every week, others once a month. The amount of reward depends on the amount of deposits or your game during this period.

    • Bonuses for VIP players

    There is something else for VIP players. If you play regularly, a lot and at high stakes, you can apply to become a VIP player. You get much more than regular players.

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How to get a signup bonus without a deposit?

The no deposit bonus without the need to make a deposit has really simple conditions and the same applies to its application. At most online casinos, all you have to do is complete your player account registration and RocketPlay verification bonus it using the link that comes to your email.

After this confirmation, you can claim the RocketPlay deposit bonus in your gaming account. Some casinos may want to verify your phone number in addition to your email. But it's also not a complicated process that you can't handle.

Free spins no deposit

One of the types of no deposit bonuses in online casinos are free spins or free spins. Free spins are mostly related to slot machines. Online casinos issue them for registering at the casino, but there is no need to deposit your own money into the player's account.

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Free spins for registration

Free spins for registration actually mean the opportunity to play online slots for free. The number of spins or rewinds is determined by each casino separately, and you can get them all at once or in parts.

You can use the winnings from these spins to continue playing at the online casino, or use them as a deposit for other casino bonuses that the casino offers, or you can simply withdraw them by transferring them to your bank account.

Welcome bonus for registration without the need for a deposit

The most used no deposit bonus is obviously the welcome bonus or the casino registration welcome bonus. This bonus is really very easy to get and in most cases it only depends on registering with an online casino or verifying the player's identity.

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Live casino rules

It is important to understand how playing in a live casino with a live dealer differs from playing in an online casino, as these two types of games have completely different rules! But before you start, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the basic rules of our live dealer casino games.

The rules of live roulette, with some exceptions, are similar to the rules available in the online versions. There are minimum and maximum amounts for different betting areas, so bets must be within these limits. Bets placed outside of the numbered fields are more commonly known as "outside bets" and can cover a wide range of groups, numbers and columns.

One of the important lessons you need to learn before you start playing live blackjack here at RocketPlay Casino is to master the basic blackjack strategy. But don't worry! In our exclusive live casino blog, we have complete instructions on how to play blackjack, so you can brush up on your knowledge of pinkjack blackjack game strategy, conditions and rules before playing. It can also be helpful for those of you who are moving from land-based casinos to our lively online casino community as there are small differences as well as many types of blackjack that you might be interested in.

All about real sellers

Who are these mysterious live sellers? First, it should be noted that live casino employees are professional croupiers; they are not actors or people chosen just because they look good on screen. You can be sure that the dealer is qualified and knows the game like his shoes. The croupiers have a good sense of humor, and they also know how to laugh - we know this because we carefully selected them.

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Still alive croupiers see the player?

No, the live croupier cannot see you at home. So if you're sitting around playing in your superhero pajamas, don't worry!

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Can players see other users?

On the game screen, you only see the dealer who is playing the game and the playing field - be it roulette, blackjack or baccarat. You can see cards and chips on the screen, as well as useful information about betting options, but not data from other players.

What are the bets on live casino games?

The odds for live casino games remain the same depending on the bet since there are fewer variables in table games than in sports games, although the odds can vary depending on the type of game. For example, a standard European roulette table has 37 numbers (including 0), while American roulette has 00 added for a total of 38 numbers.