The invention of the slot machine in the late 19th century was an important event in the world of gambling. Slots quickly surpassed other forms of entertainment in popularity. In modern casinos they are chosen by more than 70% of players. Sometimes you can read that the idea of a slot machine inventor Charles Fey borrowed from poker. And it is true, often cards are used as symbolic pictures on the reels, and the combinations are somewhat reminiscent of poker. But still, even if the engineer started from the card game, in the end he went quite far from it.

The main advantage of slot machines is the independence of the player from both partners and the dealer. Slots are played alone. Fey took care of that. He owns a patented automatic mechanism for receiving and issuing coins. Now a person could simply walk into a bar, drop a nickel, pull the handle, and win ten times that – that was the jackpot in the first slot – 50 cents, not bad money at the time.

Later slot machines got an electric reel drive and beautiful lighting. But the principle remained the same: the same symbols on the 3 reels should line up in one line. Since drawings are made with different frequency, and the probability of their composition in combinations is different. For the rarest combinations are the biggest reward. And vice versa.

Modern slot machines use the same scheme, but the device they are completely different from the old slot machine. Now it is a specific computer programs. Land-based machines externally similar to their ancestors, but they have the most modern stuffing. As for RocketPlay online slots, they are exactly the same programs as those running inside their land-based counterparts.

The computer age has completely changed the economics of slot machines. Some land-based casinos still use coins or tokens to pay for play and give out winnings, but the newest slot complexes accept all electronic payments. As for online slots, they inherently only work by cashless payment.

How the economics of online casinos work

The most affordable way to play slots is at RocketPlay online casinos. It may seem that online slots is a fairly simple program, in the manner of free flash games that abound on the web. But this is no more than an external resemblance. Video slot is not mediocre program, if only because it is obligatory certification. The manufacturer is responsible for the declared level of payments. It is usually specified to the second decimal place, for example, 97.08%. These figures are obtained by painstaking mathematical calculations in special laboratories. First the manufacturer achieves a certain level of yield, and then the results are checked by independent commissions. Only after that a certificate is issued.

The percentage of return to the player is an average value. It follows that it converges with the practice only after an astronomical number of moves. This is the basis of the player’s hope of winning. And that is why losses happen. After all, if the slot machine gave out exactly $97.8 per 100 spent each time (as in the example above), there would be little point in playing. And so because of the random nature of the distribution of values a player can win a lot – sometimes up to several million.

To play RocketPlay online slots real money need registration. The player must provide personal information: name, nickname, email address or phone number. Here the player has to decide how it suits a particular level of privacy. Casino RocketPlay guarantees the safety of personal data.

After registration RocketPlay free online slots offers a quick welcome bonus – no deposit. This is a gift for the first occasion, so that the beginner had the means to get used to and become familiar with the casino order. These funds are enough for the first time. Moreover, that in most of the machines the minimum bet is very small.

In most cases, the player is invited to download a special program-client. It is installed on the user’s device and is a gaming platform, designed specifically for a particular casino. With such an application, the entrance is safer and the games are more stable. To start with, you need to get a special activation code.

After registering RocketPlay online slots Australia, the next step is to fund your account. Modern online payment systems are reliable and easy, so that the transfer of money to the deposit is almost instantaneous and does not require special knowledge. The site has a section called Payment Methods or similar. It details which payment systems are supported and on what terms the deposit and withdrawal occurs. The most common way is VISA cards. There are also many online wallets. Payment and withdrawal via mobile operators is possible. In any case, such a section should be well studied.


The payout ratio for a player is composed of two main factors: the passport return of the machines and the online bonus slots RocketPlay. Active participation in the loyalty program makes the game more profitable in the end. Therefore, it makes sense to keep an eye on all prize promotions.

In addition to online slots free spins RocketPlay, the player is offered a significant increase on the first deposits. Gifts start at 100% on the first deposit and grow each time.

Other ways to motivate players include regular promotions, tournaments, and the VIP program. Among the most popular regular promotions is cashback, when part of the money lost is returned to the player. The percentage depends on many components. In the most favorable case, the cashback reaches 25%. Tournaments are designed not only to brighten up your stay in the casino, but also to make good money. Champions receive a decent prize. To win, you need to sign up for their favorite tournament and in the stipulated period at certain machines to earn more than their rivals. VIP-program is aimed at increasing customer loyalty to the institution. The more people play at the casino, the more benefits they enjoy. Among the VIP bonuses are high cashback, quick withdrawal and so on.


Breaking the jackpot is the dream of any player. Especially since it has become more real with the release of slot machines on the Internet. They often talk about the progressive jackpot as opposed to the fixed jackpot. The progressive is structured as follows. When playing certain machines, a small amount from each move is deposited into the common bank, a central server. Then it goes to the next lucky player if the specified conditions are met. And the process begins again.

Jackpots on some online slots exceed ten million dollars. Mega Moolah slot machine, developed by the British company Microgaming, is particularly famous in this kind of slot machine. On it in 2015 the online jackpot record was set. Then Englishman Jonathon Heywood (Jonathon Heywood) won more than 13 million pounds sterling. Mega Moolah slot is available in many online casinos that cooperate with Microgaming. In order to hit the jackpot you just need to play this machine. The main prize is awarded completely randomly.

Also known jackpot system on Marvel comic book slots. Most of these slot machines have released developers Playtech. To participate in the draw, choose one of the thematic games – X-Men, Daredevil, Fantastic 4 or similar – and just play, hoping that the choice of the random number generator will be benevolent. There are a total of 4 jackpots, from the smallest, Power, to the largest, Ultimate Power. At a certain point, after one of the moves (even without winning), a new window is opened in front of the selected player, marked with 20 cells. It is necessary to select one by one until 3 identical logos of one of the jackpots are accumulated. It is somewhat reminiscent of a scratch-off lottery. Getting into the round guarantees winning one of the jackpots. A similar system is used by EGT. There are jackpots on other developers’ machines as well.

These are large, global jackpots. But in addition to them, the drawing of the progressively accumulated prize may be carried out within a separate online casino. On the start page of sites are usually immediately visible bright banners or a running line that announce the size of the jackpot. The recipe for a winning strategy is simple – you need to participate.

Free Play

Despite the fact that the slots were conceived exclusively for cash games, with the advent of online slots became possible and free play. Very many casinos give almost all slot machines to test in demo mode to anyone who wants. To do this, do not even need to register. Many players use this chance to practice before play online slots machines RocketPlay. This is especially useful in the case of unfamiliar slots.

But still real gambling demos will not replace. And jackpots are played only among those who play for real. So free online slots no download RocketPlay – just the right prelude to a serious game with real stakes.

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