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Basic Information

The modern range of slots is really huge. And it is difficult to find something unusual among them. They are all similar in terms of mechanics, the number of reels and lines, animations, risk games and other features. But if you find Rocket Play 9 Coins slot online in the casino, you will understand that there are options with original controls and options.

At first, the meaning of this slot seems not so interesting and exciting. But he has his fans, and it’s not for nothing. You don’t have to bet real money right away to understand the game. After all, you can always run a demo version that will make acquaintance free.


The creator of the slot is Wazdan. She is known for inventing new and interesting features. The development team often comes up with fresh ideas, which are then implemented into the slots. This is exactly what happened here. So let’s get to know him better in our Rocket Play 9 Coins slot review and decide if you like him.

9 Coins Symbols and Paytable

At first glance, this game has nothing to do with space. But as soon as you launch the slot, you hear thematic music that seems to take you to the unknown depths of the Universe. In addition, all animations in the game are made in this style.

But the main thing, of course, is not the design, but the functions of the game.

So, you open the game and see a field of 3 by 3 cells in front of you. An unusual option for a slot, but this is just the beginning. When you start a slot, it doesn’t fill up completely with symbols. They stop only in some cells. So is it possible to earn at all in Rocket Play 9 Coins slot real money?

There are no pay lines here, so no combination of symbols will bring benefits. Except one.

Your goal is for three symbols to stop on the central strip of the square. This will trigger the bonus round. This is where all payments are waiting for you. The table below shows all of them.

Symbol Its function
Cash (plain coins) Can multiply the bet from x1 to x5
Box Collects all winnings on the field and brings a random multiplier up to x9
Mystery Symbols Transforms into any of the characters
Mystery Jackpot Converts to any Jackpot
Major Can multiply the bet to x50
Minor Can multiply the bet to x20
Mini Can multiply the bet to x10

In the bonus round you make 3 Rocket Play 9 Coins free spins. And if at least one symbol lingers on the field, the number of spins increases again. This may continue until the very end. What you can get during the profitable mode will cover the useless spins made before.

Another important factor that determines whether a slot is suitable for playing or not is the RTP. It shows how many percent of the money spent on the slot you will return with a long game. The higher this figure, the better. The average in the field of gambling is 95.5%. This slot has 96.06% which is slightly better than the average.


Despite the fact that there are many slots with a higher percentage on the market today, this game can still be considered quite profitable. The best Rocket Play 9 Coins slot bonus is waiting for you when all nine cells are filled with symbols during the bonus round.

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9 Coins Slot FAQs

How to earn the maximum amount in this slot?

To do this, you need to fill all the cells on the field with symbols. In this case, you get the Grand Jackpot.

How much can you earn in this game?

The exact amount depends on your bet. The maximum multiplier you can get is x500. It is only available in the bonus round. If you hit it, then the previous winnings will be reset to zero. Because you can’t get more than that.

How can I launch the slot from a mobile phone?

This is done very easily. Just log into your account on the casino site through a browser, find this slot and launch it. It will adjust to fit your screen.

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