Rocket play VIP

Only three letters VIP has always seemed to be something prestigious. And being a VIP client seems like an unattainable task. For some reason, there is an opinion in society that becoming a special, privileged client is difficult and takes a long time. But actually it is not! And the proof is the Rocket Play casino vip program.

This system is thought out and takes into account the interests of all customers. And those who want to get special prizes and move up the levels. And those who are just interested in games.

The client of the program in this institution becomes immediately after registration. All you have to do is create an account and you are already on the first step! You will move further thanks to the rates in different gambling games.


How do i get cashback?

When you lose money in some game (and it happens from time to time), it demotivates. But the casino tries to do everything to make you feel comfortable. Therefore, it makes a cashback of lost funds once a week. In this institution, it is issued on Mondays so that you start your week with a pleasant one!

All players who participate in the online casino Rocket Play vip program can get it. Here are the minimum conditions for this:

  • reach the Silver level in the program;
  • play slots;
  • lose at least 5 AUD;
  • have an active account.

The silver level is the third level. On it, you will receive the minimum amount of cashback that is issued every week — 3%. If you are an active user who plays often, then you will not have to wait long. In total, the program has 9 steps, not counting the first, which is issued immediately. On the latter, you will already receive 15% cashback.

In addition to cashback, you can also receive other prizes. The table shows in more detail which and in what quantity.

Type of prize Size On which level
Free Spins From 10 to 300 Bronze — Silver Legend
No deposit bonus From 2300 AUD to 22500 AUD Golden Legend — Diamond Legend

These prizes, which are included in Rocket Play casino best vip program, are really generous. They are issued only once, at the moment when the player gets a new level. But the cashback is issued every week.

As a member of the program, you can enjoy any other promotions on the site. For example, regular offers every week. Thus, the most comfortable conditions for entertainment are created for you in this casino.

Rocket Play VIP program


Can I be demoted from the VIP program if I play less?

Of course not! If you have honestly earned your place in the Rocket Play casino vip program Australia, then you will receive all the privileges provided and will remain there until you accumulate even more points. It doesn’t matter how hard you pick them up.


Do I need to wager the funds returned using cashback?

Yes. You will not be able to display them on the map immediately. Wager conditions are small. The returned amount must be multiplied by 5. This will show how much you need to wager in order to activate the withdrawal.

Where can I track my progress in the program?

All relevant information on this topic is contained in your personal account. Look there.

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