Asian styling has always attracted casino game developers. And Dragon Link slot just belongs to this category. This is a unique one-armed bandit with a progressive jackpot, the network of which includes other slots of this brand. The prize fund is really huge, and players have become millionaires more than once playing this slot. The latest one is an American who won $1.3 million in May 2023.

So far, gamblers from Australia will not be able to find Dragon Link pokies online free. So far, they are presented only in offline gambling houses. However, this does not mean that they will not appear on the Internet soon. After all, other games from Aristocrat (the brand that just invented this machine) have long been offered to customers of online gambling clubs.

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Dragon Link: Understanding how the slot works

This is a very interesting system. The Dragon Link Australia network includes several slot machines. All of them are connected by the same theme and mechanics. However, the bonus rounds and symbols are different. Thanks to this, people who have chosen these one-armed bandits to go on a real journey through the eastern countries with full immersion in their atmosphere.

After a player places a bet, the reels start spinning. There are 5 of them in the game, and the number of pay lines is 50. As soon as a combination of identical pictures is collected on them, the player makes a profit. The symbols include card denominations and various Asian paraphernalia and heroes.

All games in this series have a bonus feature called Hold and Spin. Brand Aristocrat – the first who thought of this. In many ways, it is because of this that their machines have become so popular. Here’s how it works:

  1. When 6 fireballs appear on the reels, an additional round is launched, where there are no other symbols besides them.
  2. The player is given 3 spins, and he must press the button in time to fill the empty cells with burning balls.
  3. If you managed to catch the ball, then the number of spins is updated.
  4. Numbers or names of jackpots are written on the balls. What you catch is what you get.
  5. When the spins are over, all winnings from the balls are summed up.

The whole process is accompanied by breathtaking graphics, animation, and sound. It all looks large and grandiose, which is why it attracts a lot of gamblers.

In addition to this feature, the games offer a spin bonus. It is different in each slot, but it is activated by special bonus symbols. Their role is played by the main characters on the theme of the slot. They are united by the fact that the round of free spins begins. But inside this round, the functions are different: multipliers, expanding and wild symbols, and more.

So far, playing Dragon Link online for real money is not possible, but we hope that they will be transferred online soon. At the moment, only real casino customers can compete for the mega jackpot.

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Secrets for winning Dragon Link

Given that these slots have a progressive jackpot and, therefore, a large prize pool, many players want to have the Dragon Link slot strategy. However, looking for some schemes for the game is a futile exercise. The machines work on the principle of a randomizer. The previous spin is in no way connected with the subsequent ones, so it is impossible to draw conclusions about what will happen next.

It is recommended to simply follow these rules:

  • Adjust the bet to your bankroll.
  • Correctly manage your money (for example, reduce the bet if a black streak begins and vice versa).
  • Play responsibly and treat the slot as entertainment.

With this attitude, even small real money won here will make you happy.

It is also worth mentioning that Dragon Link RTP has an average level; the manufacturer himself says this on his official website. It equals 95.2%. This suggests that the games have a good return rate.


What Jackpots Do Dragon Link Games Offer?

There are 4 sizes of jackpots, which are progressive. This means that their size increases with each bet made by players in the entire network. Which one you win depends only on your luck.

Is it possible several times in a row to win jackpots in these slots?

Yes! If you get lucky during the fireball bonus round, you can hit multiple jackpots at once. And the machine will pay you everything it owes.

When will Dragon Link appear as an internet slot?

So far, there is no official statement about this, but we hope that soon. For now, you can enjoy other slots from Aristocrat.

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